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news 8, aarp, and the university of southern maine. a quick word about the format tonight. the questions are a diverse mix from several sources like the editorial board, viewer, and e-mails. they want the debate to be truly interactive. we want to hear from you, news 8 reporter is standing by monitoring the website, facebook, and twitter. >> we have good questions coming in. it's your chance at home to ask the candidates anything you want. log on to our facebook page, twitter, or, live wire discussion, and we'll ask the best questions during the next hour. >> moderator: palm, great, thanks. candidates have a minute to answer the questions, and rebuttals will be at the moderator's discretion. a coin toss out of the question, so we go in alphabetical order, opening statement from each candidate beginning with independent danny dalton. dalton: good evening, happy to be here. i'll get to the point. this debate as well as all the other debates, you're not going to get detail from the debates because the the shortness. go to everybody's website. i'm, i
for preventive car and to close the doughnut hole. the aarp are a leading advocate for seniorness the country, says that statement isn't true, and that the important thing for medicare is, we need to fix the way we pay for healthcare generally. medicare is an issue. but we have to get away from fee for service. and get more toward paying for health instead of sickness. >> thank you. charlie summers. summer: i will disagree with angus on thus. when it comes to medicare, the affordable health care act will cut $716 billion out of it. i want to be very clear about something. i will not support legislation that would do that. i would vote to repeal affordable healthcare act when it comes to social security, will not support legislation that would change benefits for those people currently in the system, and i say that because i have benefited, my family has benefited from social security when i lost my first wife 15 years ago. social security helped sustain our lifestyle, and helped me raise those children, so i am not going to do anything that's going to affect social security. on the beginning,
the aa rates. finally i found a big discount. aarp. i had gotten my card and it was the first chance that i actually used it. i got off the phone and told my wife that i had saved as $14. she still remember the thousand dollars we were out from not going to australia and she asked me, had i remembered to get the two crips? i called the 18-year-old at the check-in desk back and i said this is mr. freedman. i just asked you about the senior citizen discount. that's me. can i have two crips? in that moment i realized i had entered confusing territory, what might be called the oxymoronic -- to remember that time in grade school when he learned about oxymorons in these contradictions in terms? if you think about the way we treat people who are living in the stage of life, like 60 is the new 40 and at the same time if you go to my pharmacy in berkeley on solano avenue, they give you senior citizens discounts. it's the old 80s and the same time the new 40 and we hear about the young and the old and the working retired. "newsweek" had a cover story about aging baby boomers entering the workf
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3